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Trinity Technology & Enterprise Campus

The Trinity Technology and Enterprise Campus is a knowledge-based company generation and support facility in the heart of Dublin.  It aims to support the creation and support of entrepreneurship and achieves this through the incubation and growth of a stream of high technology companies linked to research groups in Trinity College.

Along with Allergy Standards Limited, the following companies are based on campus.



Argutus Medical Limited
Argutus Medical Ltd is a new diagnostic company which spun out of Biotrin, and is based on Biotrin's biomarker of organ damage business. Argutus, formed in 2008, has an experienced management team in place and will focus on expanding its portfolio of tests to monitoring organ damage and entering new markets, particularly the near-patient acute kidney injury market place.



Opsona Therapeutics
Opsona Therapeutics is a leading drug development company specialising in the human immune system. Opsona is identifying new ways to prevent and treat autoimmune/inflammatory conditions, cancers and infectious diseases. Opsona's drug discovery & development is focused on the role of Toll-Like Receptors (TLRs) and Inflammasome  signalling in human immunology. Since 2004, Opsona has also developed a unique and advanced pipeline of drugs. The company has research locations in Dublin (Ireland) and Lausanne (Switzerland). 



IdentiGEN is a leading provider of DNA-based solutions to the agri-food industry with major operations in Ireland and the U.S. IdentiGen is applying their core expertise in genetic identification to develop and market a range of products designed to improve the safety, quality and integrity of the food supply.


Labcyte Inc.
Labcyte Inc. is your partner in assay miniaturization and automation. They specialise in low-volume liquid handling for the life sciences. Our premier technologies for automating reagent and sample transfer include 'touchless' acoustic droplet ejection (ADE) for pico-to-nanoliter transfer, and non-contact magnetic feedback-controlled (MFC) reagent dispensing for nano-to-microliter transfer.


Creme Software Limited
Creme provides web based software, data, training, support services and consulting services in the area of food, chemical and cosmetic exposure assessment. Creme's mission is to promote consumer health and wellness by enabling regulators, safety authorities, food, personal care product and chemical manufacturers to easily and accurately evaluate food intake, nutrition and exposure levels of consumers.



MoneyMate Limited
MoneyMate is a specialist provider of investment data services to global asset managers and fund administrators. Since 1991 they have been working with leading firms in the investment community to deliver a range of value-added research and investment data management services that answer the data demands of our global partner clients.


Product Certification
Canada Certification Program Team Interviewed at Green Living Show 2011
canada_button_smallToronto, Canada, June 2011Following on from the great success reported from the asthma & allergy friendly™ Canada Certification Program's booth at the Green Living Show 2011 the team has announced the release of an exclusive interview with Exhibition Showcase. The interview was given by the Program Manager, Andrea Richardson, and the President and CEO of the Asthma Society of Canada, Chri…